The Idea

I find myself using YouTube more and more to listen to music with friends. Whilst YouTube does have playlist functionality I've found it clunky to use and typically playback resorts to two open tabs, one playing the current song and the other being used to look for and buffer the next one. Having never delved in to front-end coding or responsive design this seemed like a fun project to explore these topics.

The Author

My name is Rory Stephenson, I'm a Software Engineer returning from a year and a half sabbatical spent pursuing my other passion, highlining. Previously I worked as a backend engineer for Loyalty NZ helping to design and implement a high-availability, distributed and high performance version of their loyalty software. Now I'm living on the other side of the world in Grenoble, France and looking for interesting remote or local work opportunities. I worked mostly in Ruby before but I love learning new languages/technologies. You can reach me at <my full name>